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Winter Wellness Workshop

Over last winter I kept getting this urge to teach people to make their own herbal remedies; to empower folks to feel comfortable creating their own simple medicines. Things just kept falling into place, so I followed the breadcrumbs and launched our Herbal Remedies 101 workshop. We finish out the year with our final classes of this seasonal offering on Saturday, October 15th.

In our Herbal Remedies 101 workshop we learn how to make tinctures, infused oils, salves and we even create our own essential oil and hydrosol. As the cooler months approached, I wanted to create a different offering, sort of an extension class. I created the Winter Wellness Workshop so participants can come together to create traditional cold and flu remedies in a guided setting. Allowing people to be hands-on with minimal fear and creating space to ask all the questions that come up during the process.

Our location at the Pop-Up Shop in downtown Lancaster is intimate, so I intentionally limited the class size. This way we can get cozy, but still have room to breathe and get to know one another.

I created the Herbal Remedies 101 workshop to give people a basic understanding of creating different modalities of herbal products such as tinctures and salves; allowing people to be comfortable getting their hands dirty. Every season we have switched out which plants we work with based on our needs and what is growing at the time.

Of course for the October Herbal Remedies 101 workshop we will be creating products to support our heath through the cooler months, but I wanted to do something a little more for the winter season. My intention behind crafting the Winter Wellness Workshop is for people to learn the folklore behind classic herbal concoctions like fire cider and elderberry syrup, while feeling comfortable creating their own twist on these traditional remedies. I want participants to draft their very own recipes, starting their own family practices to bring a wealth of winter health to their loved ones.

The Winter Wellness workshop is a four hour hands-on program. It will be a combination of working together as a group and also working solo around the room at the various stations operating at your own pace, crafting your very own recipes. Participants will leave with 5-8 bulk herbal remedies that they created to support their health through cold and flu season. AND will be armed with the knowledge and confidence to create these concoctions on their own in the future. With any luck, passing on the recipes and knowledge they have gathered to their friends and family, establishing traditions to last for generations to come.

I feel like we have gotten away from gathering around the hearth to create food and medicine as a family and community. I believe that these rituals still exist in many homes today and it is my hope to spread this act of supportive togetherness, making it a new habit for more families.

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