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Make Your Own Medicine

Ever since I was a little girl I played teacher; lining up my stuffed animals and reading out loud to them. I would collect unused worksheets from school and bring them home to hand out to my "students." In college so many professors asked me if I had plans to continue on to become a professor. When I finally asked why everyone suggested this, I was told that my level of enthusiasm makes for great teaching. At least my over-the-top personality can be channeled for good use;)

Over the course of the last decade I have taught classes for other programs and it truly makes my heart happy each and every time to share the knowledge and excitement with interested people.

In April of this year I hosted my first workshop and taught Herbal Remedies 101. I thoroughly enjoyed connecting with everyone, getting them to push past their fears and create plant based products on their own. Being in-person and answering questions as they came up made it feel natural and fluid.

I even had fun putting together medicine making kits for each person. I filled them with the supplies needed to create and bottle the five products we made in class, all packaged in our recycled branded boxes.

It was so much fun having everyone dive in and get their hands dirty creating plant concoctions. Participants learned to create infused oils and then we turned an infused oil into a salve. I also brought along one of my favorite tools, my glass still! We distilled lavender over the course of the workshop so people could witness how steam distilled essential oils are made, then we bottled up the hydrosol/essential oil we created so everyone left with a 2 oz spray bottle. Participants left armed with an herbal arsenal they created themselves and the knowledge to create more in the future.

The very next day Ben and I were hiking our dog Iris and I was sharing how amazing it felt to host the workshop; helping people feel more comfortable in their plant medicine journey truly made me happy. We passed a woman named Erin (I think;) and her dog Echo and she knew who we were because of social media, she immediately remarked how she was bummed she had to miss the workshop, but would love to sign up for another one in the future! I do not take perfectly placed interactions such as these lightly; as soon as we got back from the woods I booked more workshop dates.

In case you missed this first round of workshops, now is your chance! I reserved the Pop Up Shop at 354 N. Queen Street in downtown Lancaster, Pa. for our upcoming workshops. We will gather at this adorable, centrally located store to create herbal plant products.

Our Herbal Remedies 101workshop will run on Sunday July 17th from 12pm-3pm and again from 4pm-7pm. Just pop on over to the Workshops tab on our website and book the time that works best for you.

Going away on vacation? No worries, we got ya covered;) We will also be hosting the same workshop in the same location Saturday, October 15th from 12-3pm and also 4pm-7pm. These workshops will cover all of the same methods that we used in April, but this time using different herbs; seasonally shifting what plants we work with.

We are also going to host a Winter Wellness workshop where participants are going to be making their own remedies to support them throughout the winter months. We will be creating popular immune supporting concoctions like fire cider and elderberry syrup, and everyone is going to be able to customize their very own cold care tea blend by choosing from a variety of ingredients. All this and more will be a part of the 4-hour experiential learning experience on Sunday, October 16th 12-4pm.

We intentionally keep all the class sizes limited so that there is time and space for everyone to get their questions answered. These small, intimate groups feel like the right fit for building community and connection. Make sure you sign up early to secure your spot before they are gone.

What products are you interested in learning to make? Any particular herbs you would love to work with? We would love to hear from you in the comments below!

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