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Spreading the Love

Its seems like a lot of BIG things are encapsulated into the tiniest month. February is Black History month, American Heart month and National Children's Dental Health month. We celebrate President's day, Valentine's and Galentine's day, the Lunar New Year, National Ice Cream for Breakfast day, and my favorite.....Random Acts of Kindness week.

Art by Stephanie Chinn

Maybe because February is my birthday month, because I spent a few Valentine's day single, or maybe because spring is fast approaching, but somewhere along the way this has become a self-care/self-love/pampering time of year.

This time of year I allow myself extra time to read under a blanket, drink more tea and explore new crafts. March and spring yard work will be here in the blink of an eye, so I try to savor this last bit of hibernation mode.

Slowing down is not easy for me, it can almost feel depressing. I am still learning to be gentle with myself, stop the self-deprecating chatter in my mind telling me that I am lazy if I am not constantly on-the-go. To combat these feelings I find myself going to the gym daily, taking classes online and tinkering around with garden plans, new product ideas and applying to markets for the year. I also like to surround myself with kind, wise people that remind me that slowing down can have great benefits.

Recently I heard, "Share what you love with those you love," and that really resonated with me. I have been making plant medicine professionally for almost a decade now and I am very passionate about it.

I love to educate people that visit my booth and have been asked many times if I teach classes. All of those inquiries have planted seeds and this winter has provided the water they needed to grow.

I will be hosting hands-on workshops throughout the year to teach people basic medicine making skills. Turning plants into shelf-stable remedies to stock your home medicine chest. This experiential experience will allow you to jump in, get your hands dirty and push past any fears you may have surrounding working with herbal remedies. In a 3-hour session participants will be creating and taking home:

  • tinctures

  • infused oil

  • a salve

  • hydrosol spray

I will be sharing more details in my weekly newsletter, Honey Bee. Visit My Herbal Apothecary and fill in the pop-up box to join our community and get the scoop. Afraid you will overlook the newsletter and miss the sign up? Feel free to email me directly and I will keep you in the loop about these fun classes.

I realize that my offering is only beneficial to those close to Lancaster County, PA, so I wanted to spread the love to the rest of you by sharing some of my favorite teachers. These amazing women have influenced my work throughout the years, have a wealth of knowledge and you can learn from them where ever you are located.

  • Tammi Sweet of Heartstone is super smart and has the best sense of humor. She offers in-depth anatomy & physiology classes and has really delved deep into the world of cannabis.

  • Charis Lindrooth of Botanicwise is a sweet soul with a knack for gathering people. Not only does she put on the annual herbal gathering that I attend, but she also hosts some of the greatest herbal teachers online throughout the year.

  • Maia Toll has played a huge part in the greatest shifts of my life. Her classes and workshops taught me to tune into my inner knowing in a way that still continues to guide me. Though she now longer hosts programs, you can still experience her teachings through her books. Her Wild Wisdom Collection walks you through the year in a way that lets you dance alongside the seasons, flowing in rhythm AND it is beautifully illustrated. I am so excited to get my hands on her new book being released this year!

I hope that you are all getting through this winter with grace and self-acceptance; do not worry, it is almost over. Have a favorite way to celebrate February that might help others combat the winter woes? Share what you love down below so we can all add more tricks and tips to our metnal health toolkit.

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