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Looking to incorporate plant based remedies into your life, but don't know where to start?

This seasonal herbal subscription box is perfect for you!

On the first day of the season, you will receive a package consisting of 3-5 organic herbal products ($60+ value) specifically curated to work with your body throughout the season.

Each box includes an informational handout including how to utilize each product

*please note that products shown may not be the actual products you receive in this season's subscription

*this website is for educational purposes only.  These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.  These products are not intended to diagnosis, treat, cure or prevent any disease*


Each herbal product is handmade by Heidi.

The remedies consist of various teas, tinctures, tisanes, electuaries, salves, sprays, etc.


Please visit our PRODUCTS page for a full description of every product that we offer


Where to find us in Person:

October 14th:  Manor Market @Immerse International; Millersville, PA
October 14th: Blues & Brews @McCleary's Pub; Marietta, PA
October 21st & 22nd:  PA Ren Faire; @Mount Hope Winery and Estate; Manheim, PA
October 28th & 29th:  PA Ren Faire; @Mount Hope Winery and Estate; Manheim, PA
November 11th:  Manor Market @Immerse International; Millersville, PA
November 18th:  Tudbink's Greenhouse; Conestoga, PA
November 19th:  The Find @Valencia Ballroom; York, PA
November 25th:  QSB Baazar @QSB; Lancaster, PA
November 26th:  Valentino's Cafe; Lancaster, PA
December 1st:  Pop-up Shop @Queen Street; Lancaster, PA
December 2nd:  HBG Flea @Strawberry Square Mall; Harrisburg, PA
December 3rd:  Marietta Candlelight Tour @Community Center; Marietta, PA
December 9th:  Manor Market @Immerse International; Millersville, PA
December 10th:  The Find @John Wright River Room; York, PA
December 16th:  Forty Elephants @Double Tree Resort; Lancaster, PA
December 17th:  Mini Markers Market @Lucky Dog Cafe; Lancaster, PA


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Pequea, PA

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