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Creating Balance

The Vernal Equinox, the first day of Spring, was on March 20th this year in PA. This is a day of equal light and dark; a day of balance. It just so happened to be a bright and sunny day here and also a Full Moon, adding to the energy of the seasonal shift.

My attempt at balancing an egg upright

Every year around this day I see a video or picture of someone balancing an egg up right with no supports. AND every year I give it a try........ And every year I get the same results.

Apparently the chickens didn't get the memo that we are trying to stand upright today.

Keysha with Diesel and Me (Heidi) with Iris

In order to create balance in my life I need to remember to do what nurtures me. So, I took advantage of the beautiful weather and went for a hike with my friend Keysha, her dog Diesel and my puppy Iris. Being submerged in nature with these female energies definitely grounds me and makes me feel high at the same time. Ahhhh, this is the balancing act that carries me through my life.

Yin and Yang of peppermint and ginger

Being in the kitchen also fills me with joy, so I spent my evening hours concocting an herbal product for you guys. I decided the most balanced product I could make would be my Tummy Tamer. I use peppermint (yin), which is very cooling and in contrast, some warming ginger (YANG). I then mix them up with some neutralizing honey and viola.....a harmonious electuary is born! An electuary is made of a combination of powdered herbs and honey. We source our raw wildflower honey locally. This herbal remedy helps combat upset stomach and has the added bonus of antimicrobal properties. I love adding this to my tea for sweetness with a purpose.

All of our products are made by me in small, loved-filled batches. Make sure you subscribe to the Summer box so that you do not miss out on this, and other amazing products! Check out the Summer box here.

Just one of the amazing products you will receive in the 2019 Summer Subscription Box

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