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Our Annual Offering

We are FINALLY coming to the end of one of the hardest years in my life's history. With every challenge we face, we rise to meet it; showing us our strength and letting us know what we are capable of overcoming.

Life stressors put a strain on our adrenals and bodies in general contributing to high blood pressure, heart disease, depression and anxiety among other ailments. Here at My Herbal Apothecary we have focused on bringing you herbal remedies to combat the effects of stress. We have used many adaptogenic herbs such as tusli basil and ashwagandha root in our products; providing you with easy to use plant allies to help your body cope, or adapt, to what life has to offer.

2020 has taught us to be fluid and flexible; showing us that if we bend, we will not break. We have made many shifts this year to work with the changing tides, and we will continue to change in order serve you best. One of our biggest changes going into 2021 is how our seasonal subscriptions are going to operate.

Autumn box 2019

Our 2019 and 2020 subscription model was $375 for the year. This package was our "set it and forget" option where you pay at the beginning of the year and each season you were sent a box consisting of 7-9 organic herbal products to support you throughout that season. The other option was to pay $100 for each season that you wished to receive. You can check out our website under the Subscription Boxes heading for previous boxes to see what we have sent in the past. Some examples include lymphatic tisane and our root tincture in our spring box to help get your sluggish system moving after the often sedentary winter. Or our cough cordial, elderberry syrup and berry boosting immune electuary in the winter box to help support you and your loved ones through the cold and flu season.

We are shifting gears in 2021 in order to put these amazing herbal allies into the hands of more people. We know that many people are looking to reclaim their health but may be burdened by cut wages, loss of job or just plain exhaustion from 2020. Our new annual subscription box is only $175 for the year (4 seasonal boxes). With this option, you just buy the annual subscription before March 14th 2021and sit back and relax. We will make sure that you receive your bundle before the first day of every season. (March, June, September and December). Not interested in purchasing all of the seasons? No problem, you can also just pay $50 for each season individually. Each seasonal box will contain 3-5 organic products all handmade by Heidi in small batches to ensure quality. Included in every box is a newsletter highlighting each product, its ingredients, the steps we take to concoct these creations, suggested usage and storage tips.

Subscribed last year and still haven't used up all of the amazing products you received? Do not worry, we will be creating new and different products for 2021....though we will be including those favorites that we seem to use up in one season (elderberry syrup, turmeric chai and digestive bitters). Our products will be good to use for over a year, some with a 5-10 year shelf life. Our intention is to continue to build your home apothecary so you have an arsenal of herbal products at your fingertips to provide you relief from whatever ails ya!

Our Shipping Box

Our boxes and ALL of the shipping components are completely recycled, including the stickers we print your mailing address on. Our boxes are not just 100% recycled, they are also made from 95% post-consumer content and are completely recyclable. Our "bubble wrap" is comprised of 100% recycled cardboard made entirely from post-consumer and post-industrial waste. The tissue paper and crinkle fill are also 100% recycled and are recyclable, so please make sure you keep the cycle going by reusing and recycling!

Have any questions about how the subscription works? Please contact me at I also would love to hear what products of ours you have enjoyed or would like to see in the future. Salud!

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