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Going Greener with Cannabis

Updated: Apr 20, 2020

Earth day and 4/20 are next week and GREEN is on the mind. For those of you that have received our subscriptions boxes you understand how much we value sustainable resources. Are boxes are completely recycled from post-consumer waste. Our package filling is made from the waste of the company that makes the boxes; everything is completely recycled right down to the tissue paper. We take the extra steps to make sure that we provide an environmentally friendly product and you can feel good about supporting a company that cares.

We put even more energy into our ingredients than we do our packaging. What plants we do not harvest ourselves we source from ethical, organic sources. We believe in our ingredients, they are what make a superior product. We enjoy talking with people at live events; I just love explaining the process and everything that goes into making our products. Most of last year we were bombarded with the same question, "Do you have CBD products?" We never had an interest in growing the labor intensive cannabis, and we most certainly were not going to sell multi level marketing products just to meet the demand of our potential customers. Making all of our products ourselves is the cornerstone of our business.

Ben harvesting some cannabis

Then last September we discovered an amazing local organic farm growing some low tetrahydrocannabinol (THC)/high cannabidiol (CBD) cannabis. Ben and I toured the farm, harvested some cannabis and started working with the plant. I fell down a rabbit hole and emerged myself in a few courses to learn all that I could. I spent countless hours learning about the chemical make up of the plant and multiple medicine making processes. The most exciting part of the courses for me was learning the math to provide the dosage of the final product. We were taken through how to calculate the final mg/ml of the medicine and then we shipped out our product for testing. Our numbers were so close (within 0.1) that I feel confident in my skills of working with this plant and securing proper dosaging.

There are multiple ways to administer CBD along with a variety of potency levels. I have to admit, in the beginning I was focused on producing the most potent tincture that I possibly could. Now that I have stopped chasing the idea of creating the 1,500 mg bottle, I have become more involved with using the whole plant in a myriad of ways. Different strains of the plant produce a variety of effects; some may be more relaxing while another strain could provide pain relief. Every person experiences these medicines differently, making it difficult to offer a generalized one-size-fits-all CBD tincture. We try to incorporate the medicine that cannabis has to offer in a variety of ways to try to suit the needs of most people.

When cannabis is harvested it contains many chemical compounds; among them being cannabidiolic acid (CBDA). The compounds are in their acid form when the plant is "raw". There needs to be a heat process in order to convert CBDA to CBD. Through my studies I learned that CBDA has amazing anti-inflammatory properties. We make a Golden Milk electuary with turmeric and black pepper that is specifically designed to be helpful with joint pain, so it only made sense to me to keep the cannabis in its raw form and add it to our formula. We had the final product tested in a lab and low and behold it is loaded with CBDA! This just takes our Golden Milk to the next level; creating an even more potent product to aid in joint pain relief.

CBD Boo Boo balm (left), Boo Boo balm (right)

We have also decarboxylated, or heat processed, the cannabis to yield CBD. We use this in whole plant tincture form as well as a product enhancing ingredient into our other healing formulas. You can see the difference that CBD makes in our products when you look at our healing salve, Boo Boo balm, beside the same formula infused with cannabis. We have incorporated these healing properties into a few of our products including our tattoo healing salve and our Ache Away sore muscle rub. We have been using this time of isolation to develop more formulas and are anxiously awaiting the lab results before we share them with you.

Some important factors to remember about our CBD infused products:

  • We buy directly from the organic grower and they have their plants tested for CBD and THC content.

  • All the plants that we buy have less than 0.3% THC, that is less than 1/3 of a percent!

  • We third party test our final products and so far every single one has come back with THC levels that are undetectable.

  • I ingested our products for over a month and never once felt "high" as there is little to no THC in any of our formulas. I also passed a drug screening test.

  • It is legal to sell within the state of Pennsylvania, but it is still federally illegal. Which means that we are allowed to sell our CBD products in PA, but are NOT allowed to ship across state lines.

This last point has made us reluctant to post any of our CBD products on our website. We have been just selling these products at in person events. The COVID19 stay-at-home order has forced us to change our minds; we want to be able to make these remedies accessible to people. We have decided to list these products for sale on our online store WITH the disclaimer that it is only available in the state of Pennsylvania. Unfortunately we will be unable to ship outside of PA, sorry for any inconvenience that this may cause, but we are following the law.

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