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Avon Calling

No, we will not be ringing your doorbell or knocking on your door, but we would love to show up at your house to chat about our products. Since we are not in a position to land in the living room of all the people we want to reach, we travel to markets along the east coast trying to get our products in your hands, and answer any questions you may have. But we realize that looking at all we have to offer on one table can feel a bit overwhelming. We created this online community to demystify our offerings, while giving you the space to take it all in on your own time.

Each box and its packaging is completely recycled and recyclable

Curious about herbal medicine, but not sure where to start? Our subscription boxes take the guesswork out of stepping into the world of natural remedies. We curate each box seasonally, choosing the products for you.

What exactly is the subscription box all about?

  • We create plant-based preparations to support you throughout the year. Each concoction is hand-made in small batches by Heidi; using organic ingredients whenever possible. We manage each subscription box for you, with 3-5 full-sized products, hand selected for each season.

  • The first day of each season your beautiful box arrives on your doorstep with a newsletter highlighting the herbs used, some information on how we utilize their herbal constituents to create these products, along with suggested usage and storage tips. Get a product you are not sure you are going to use? Our creations make wonderful gifts.

  • Each year we grow and expand; our subscribers are the first ones to get their hands on our new creations. I am constantly formulating new products....Skin Soother coming your way in 2023.

Aunt Donna has been a faithful subscriber since day one!

How does the subscription work?

  • You can purchase the annual subscription to get a whole year of supportive herbal goodness delivered to your door at the beginning of each season. This is our set-it-and-forget-it option; allowing you a one time payment and ensuring you do not miss out on any of our offerings.

  • Not sure you want to commit to the whole year? You can just dip your toes in and order a specific season with no obligation to receive another. In the weeks leading up to each seasonal box launch, we use our Honey Bee newsletter to individually highlight each product included. This way you know what to expect; we want you to be excited to use these remedies!

  • Purchasing the seasonal boxes is an adventurous endeavor; opening you up to try products you may have never heard of before (tisane, electuary, hydrosol anyone?) It also allows you to stock up your medicine chest; putting remedies at your fingertips when you may need them most (cough syrup, boo balm, congestion chest salve).

My derby wife Jaclyn was stoked to receive this box

Why pay for the whole year when I can buy each season individually?

  • When you opt for the annual subscription the shipping costs for each box is on us for the whole year!

  • Some people have forgotten to order the next season and we sold out before they were able to claim theirs. The annual subscription gives you access to all of our seasonal boxes and we will do the remembering for you;)

  • I have been known to put a little extra gift in the winter box of our annual subscribers. After spending all year curating and mailing you our boxes, I get a little misty that the year has come to an end. I love to show my appreciation for the trust and support you have given us by adding a special surprise.

I purchased last year's annual box, do I need to enroll again?

  • Yes! I personally do not like it when companies automatically renew a subscription each year. We do not want you to feel locked in and would rather your purchase be a conscious commitment that you make each year.

  • For those of you choosing to continue on with us, have no fear around repeat products. We like to switch up the seasonal remedies from year to year, offering variety to our loyal customers. We also know that our seasonal favorites (bug spray, elderberry syrup, etc.) may need to be resupplied, so they tend to find their way back to you each year; keeping you stocked up on the essentials.

Can I order just the products I want a la carte?

  • Yes, of course. Just be mindful that we are at the mercy of the harvest. In 2022 our elderberry harvest was scarce, limiting our supply of elderberry syrup. We always reserve our stock to fill our annual subscriber's boxes first, then we post the rest for the seasonal boxes and if there are any bottles left after that, it becomes available on the website a la carte and at our in-person markets. Purchasing the annual subscription box is the only way to ensure access to all that we make throughout the year.

We are taking the winter off from in-person markets to learn and expand our vision and product line. During this inward time, we do not want to lose touch with our people so we keep the lines of communication open online. Have ANY questions? We would love to hear from you; just comment on this post or email Salud!

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