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This seasonal care package is specifically curated to support you during the Winter months. This is the time of year that our immune system could use a lot of support.  


The Winter Box of 2021 consisted of:

  • 2 oz Winter Spice-an herbal blend that tastes like a winter wonderland (amazing for urinary tract too)
  • 4 oz Elderberry Syrup- a tonic that boosts your immune system and tastes great
  • 4 oz Berry Boost Immune-this honey based product is chock full of antioxidants and vitamin C
  • 0.5 oz Arctic lip balm-this medicinal blend is perfect for chapped lips and cold sores
  • 2 oz Congestion Chest salve-apply this aromatic rub to help break up chest congestion


Along with this herbal package customers also received a newsletter highlighting each product, its ingredient sourcing, suggested usage and storage tips.

Winter Box 2021

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