This 4 oz. tonic was made in multiple steps to help provide you with some allergy relief this spring season. Nettles are chock full of minerals and have been shown to block histamine receptors and stop immune cells from releasing chemicals that trigger allergy symptoms.  Reishi mushrooms are known adaptogens that have been shown to inhibit histamine release.  Raw Amish-made apple cider vinegar* was infused with wildcrafted nettles; this was combined with a double infusion of reishi and raw local honey.  Included in the Spring 2020 Subscription Box.


Suggested usage:  Take 1-2 tbsp twice a day before allergy season sets in or more often if you are already experiencing allergies. Don’t suffer from allergies? Nettles contain calcium and Vitamins A, C and K, while reishi has been shown to boost your immune system; take a 1-2 tbsp twice a day to reap these benefits. Shake before using to incorporate ingredients. You can drink it straight, or put it in tea or water if the taste isn’t too appealing.  Store in the refrigerator for prolonged use.


Ingredients:  apple cider vingar*, vodka, distilled water, nettles*, orange pith*, reishi* and honey

Allergy Tonic

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