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This seasonal care package is specifically curated to support you during the Autumn months. This is the time of year that our joints, nerves and immune system could use a little extra support.  You will receive these organic herbal remedies  to help your body cope with the changing season.

  • 2 oz Oat Chai (calming nervine tea)
  • 2 oz Green Apple Tisane (tasty autumn tea with antioxidants)
  • 2 oz Hand Sanitizer spray (potent portable herbal spray)
  • 4 oz Golden Milk electuary (honey based, anti-inflammatory that supports joints)
  • 4 oz Dragon's Breath Fire Cider (helps boost immune system and clear sinuses)
  • 1 oz St. John's Wort oil (excellent for bumps and bruises)
  • 1 oz Mushroom Immune Tincture (helps boost immune system in the ease of a tincture)
  • 1 oz Orange Cacao Digestive Bitters (helps alleviate gas and bloating)
  • 1 oz Milky Oats tincture (calming nervine tincture)


Heidi handmakes every remedy in her ServSafe certified kitchen.  Boxes are delivered right to your doorstep around the first day of Autumn. Every subscription box will include a sheet highlighting each product, suggested usage and storage tips.


Autumn 2020 box

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