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This 2 oz vegan salve was created to help rub away the aches in your muscles.  First we infused olive oil* with arnica flowers* to aid in diminishing bruises.  Cooling peppermint* and eucalyptus* were added to create that "icy feeling" and also a little cayenne pepper* to create the heat sensation that gets the blood flowing.  Menthol crystals and camphor essential oil give this balm just the right amount of deep muscle relief we are looking for. 


Suggested usage:  Apply a thin layer to skin and massage in to help alleviate sore muscles.


Ingredients:  olive oil*, eucalyptus leaf*, peppermint leaf*, candelilla wax*, arnica flowers*, cayenne*, menthol crystals (derived from peppermint extract), camphor oil, clove oil, tea tree oil, rosemary essential oil*, vitamin e oil (as a preservative)



Ache Away

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